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How to buy tokens on DEX - detailed instruction is available on our Youtube channel or bellow:

Old UX wallet - how to buy tokens?

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Waves client has an integrated and decentralized exchange called DEX. Simply download wallet for your platform (PC, iOS, Android),
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We are using Waves technology for our token sale.
You can create wallet on Waves and buy our token on DEX built in the wallet.


Project Details

Two main characteristics about the The Decentralized (DAO) Loyalty ecosystem

Why it is so unique?
Imagine one environment, with one standard for the loyalty campaigns in form of a token, that is tradeable and exchangeable for any good and money. It stands for the value itself and core benefits for users (both customers and business)
What is the product?
It is a decentralized loyalty program and newly constructed ecosystem for customers tired of all those loyalty cards, coupons, codes, as well as universal solution for the businessmen, who want to achieve lead building instead of cost-generating programs based on simple loyalty.

How to buy tokenloyalty.io tokens:


Here we present what we want to do, how we identify growth of the project and what tasks are ahead of it.
Updated -2nd of November, 2017

The Whitepaper Details

Bringing the decentralization model and connecting gamification marketing with real loyalty

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Documents of the ICO

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